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Successful Stationery Management

1. Start with a stock check

The first tip sounds like an obvious one but it's a step often overlooked, though it's essential in order to be successful in managing your stationery. To get started, make a thorough list of each item frequently used and how many you have of each, in the office and in any storage spaces. This includes the likes of pens, notepads, letterheads, etc.

Once this is completed, ask your team what kind of items they're currently using and ask for an estimate of how many they think they go through over a period of time, such as over the quarter - also consider asking them if there's anything they would like that's not currently available to them. This will help you get an idea of how much you'll need. It's also helpful to consider any upcoming events where you plan on handing out branded items or promotional materials. Taking these simple steps into consideration will ensure you make more accurate orders, reducing the chance you'll over-order or under-order, saving time and money.

2. Consider the quality

Improving your stationery management has benefits beyond being organized, most importantly maintaining a handle on your expenditure and sustainable consumption levels. With these components in mind, it can be more beneficial to go for quality over quantity, ensuring a longer shelf-life and longer-lasting products. Ultimately, this can reduce your overall stationery costs long term. Not to mention, higher quality, branded stationery reflects positively on your brand image and perceptions, which is particularly important if you're handing these items out to potential clients.

3. Have a key distributor in your team

To keep these rules in place, it's helpful to have someone in charge of managing the distribution of the stationery and monitoring its use. Not only will this help you maintain a better overview of your inventory, but it can also help avoid misuse or overuse. With a clear view of how much is being used, you can continue to place more accurate orders down the track.

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