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The Important thing of stationery item at your office

This year especially in 2020, not many people know the importance of Stationery items. the stationery item is an essential part of any student's life or even adult life in the office. stationery comes far before, Our ancestors invented these tools so that they can easily pass on the knowledge with the help of these stationery items. But the stationery items have evolved significantly from their initial usage to now modified with technology year by year.

Stationery is an inseparable and essential part of a student’s life and also adult life in the office. There are many stationery items for which students and adults utilize their studies at school and their work as well as home. But not many students know their commonly used stationery items well enough.

Student's and adult's life are incomplete without stationery, many children are not able to study because they do not have access to basic stationery and also adult life in the office. Students should value their stationery items and should not buy fancy stationery available in the market these days as it is only expensive and mechanical but works just fine as the basic stationery and also once the mechanism fails, it is of no use. However, ordinary items are for long term use.

talking about stationery, we must not be forgetting about the essence of the decoration of the stationery itself, for example, calendar and diaries as you know they are the marketing weapon to make your company brand rise.

The calendar and diaries will help you build your brands especially when you make them with us you can custom it with your favorite photo, for example, your favorite photo can be printed on your customized calendar and make them a personalized calendar and photo calendar.

with the right printer, a customized calendar can be made precisely. that's why we are using the best machine and the best material to make an absolute design of a custom calendar. our calendar made by the greatest designer with a long time experience so that we can give you the best design of the custom calendar. calendar too can be the decoration. of your office even your home.


with the right choices of design and material, you can make your home decorated by a beautiful calendar.

As one of the best file manufacturers in Singapore, it's an honor to provide all of the customer files need, either for school, office, even a single use of the customer. As one of the best files manufacturer in Singapore, we also can provide other things that not many companies can do such as Custom calendars, Diaries, and also corporate gifts.

For the custom calendars, B2B customers can make a design and print all of the calendars even more than 20.000. If you think 20.000 pcs of the calendar for what? You can make an effect on your company branding all over the country.

Same as the calendar, customers also can make a diary to make internal branding for your company. For corporate gifts, customers can request a unique item from us that we can put a logo on it for branding and make your marketing more effective and make your partner happy and will keep a better relationship.

For the file's sector, we have many brands we sell on Sinlee Stationery and the brands are Seaking, Bantex, Edu3, and Oxford. For Seaking, these brands are one of the well-known files that sell files all over Singapore with good quality, additional functions, and also best at price. So do Bantex sell files too who have more color.

For Edu3, it has many things of coloring and product for creative purpose and can be used simply and also can be focused on School purposed. And oxford is focusing on school stationery that has good quality than others.