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Best Deal of Singapore National Day 55th Moment

As you know in 2020 Singapore will have the 55th birthday, Regarding Wikipedia Singapore doing the national day as in commemoration of Singapore's independence from Malaysia in 1965. This holiday features a National Day Parade, an address by the Prime Minister of Singapore, and fireworks celebrations. Talking about Singapore independence day that means the parade will be done in all places and all platforms including social media and e-commerce.
people will happy dan celebrate the national day with joy.

The Important thing of stationery item at your office

The calendar and diaries will help you build your brands especially when you make them with us you can custom it with your favorite photo, for example, your favorite photo can be printed on your customized calendar and make them a personalized calendar and photo calendar.

with the right printer, a customized calendar can be made precisely. that's why we are using the best machine and the best material to make an absolute design of a custom calendar. our calendar made by the greatest designer with a long time experience so that we can give you the best design of the custom calendar

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Sinlee Stationery Channel On Youtube

YouTube is one of the biggest videos websites that people all around the world use that website to see almost anything of videos, YouTube is a video sharing service where users can watch, like, share, comment, and upload their own videos. The video service can be accessed on PCs, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. 

because the video is one of the best marketing and distribution tools, therefore we, Sin lee stationery have created our own channel and all will contain information and interesting things that Sin lee has packaged in the form of video formats.

one of the latest videos that we make is a sequence video of our latest design of the calendar. from 18 unique calendars, we give you the sequences of 4 themes that will make you feel the nuance of the design. and also that's the proof of our focus to make the calendar design with our heart. from the color, size, and shape we are truly set them up to make the calendar more used because we know in general people now use the digital calendar and don't know enough the function of the generic printed calendar especially the desktop calendar. they also can make your room more beautiful and organize because they can be the decoration of your office.

Sinlee Stationery Plastic

As one of the best files manufacturer in Singapore, its an honor to provide all of customer files need, either for school, office, even a single used of customer. As one of the best files manufacturer in Singapore we also can provide other thing that not many company can do such as Custom calendar, Diaries and also corporate gift. For custom calendar, B2B customer can make a design and print all of the calendar even more than 20.000. If you think 20.000 pcs of calendar for what? You can make an effective of your company branding all over the country

What is SinLee Expanding File PF86?
In a very advanced year like today, special goods are goods that have a specific shape, function, and price. especially items needed by school children to be able to tidy up their assignment papers at school. Have you ever hear about product that can organize your children school paper with six slot, and each slot have their own subject? made by plastic, and the size is almost F4 size, like 23 x 33cm and you can put in on your child’s school bag. You can put your children assigment paper in that thing without worrying about getting crumbled. And it also has a subject slot in the form of consen..
We call it Index P7005
Sometimes in general people call the product as notes or just a paper that people use to write something, but this product is a little different than others, we call it Index P7005 or as known as Clear Colour PP Divider, so in means the paper that have a divider in it, in simple way yes but this product for have special thing that just some other notes have, this product on the front cover is made by PP sheet additional. In specific way, according to wikipedia, Polypropylene (PP) is a thermoplastic "addition polymer" made from a combination of propylene monomers. It is used in a variety of ..