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Social Media For Sinlee Stationery
For more than 40 years, Sin Lee Stationery Plastic serves customers through out Singapore and helps them organize their office files. Not only office files, Sin Lee also provides equipment that can support children's school activities, for example, expanding files from Seaking, stationery from Edu3 and Oxford. Talking about other brands, we are provide many kind of brands that already Talking about brands, we also provide goods from a variety of brands that have collaborated with Sinlee companies, one of which is Bantex, Edu3, and Oxford, each of which specializes in their goods. Do not forg..
Quick Description of Seaking Shaped Folder 702/3
Seaking Shaped Folder 702/3, its an A4 Trio Folder, not many people know this item and product and just assume that this product is the same like other L-Shaped, C-shaped, and U-shaped folder. The different A4 trio folder on our company’s are they have two (2) choices of kind folder, The transparent one and the coloured one. They made by Polypropylene (PP). PP is a thermoplastic "addition polymer" made from a combination of propylene monomers. That will avoid your important paper or assigment from getting wet and crumpled. Not only that, we can make a special request on this item because this ..